About Serian Scout Run 2.0

A fund raising event fully organized by Serian Scout Council

Serian Scout Council

Serian Scout Council actively contributes to the education of youth (in Serian Town), through scout activities (camping/courses/talks) based on Scout Promises and Law, to help build a better environment where people are self-fullfilled as individuals and play their active roles in society.


Serian Scout Council Committee is mostly teachers who teach in Serian division, Education district officers and appointed volunteers.

Fund raising Run

This fund raising based event is to financially support Serian Scout Movement with a strong focus on the outdoor activities and survival skills that aim to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Serian Scout Council had successfully organized such event in 2017 at the same venue. Thus, this year (2019) we expect more participants to support our run.